SAIChE: 20-22 September 2021 Virtual Congress!

The South African Chemical Engineering Congress organising committee are most pleased to announce that the Congress is now scheduled to take place from 20-22 September 2021.
This is a new and exciting live, interactive platform which will give delegates all the experience of a global congress, but with no risk to their health.

Register today!

The online platform provides the following arenas for delegates to engage with:

  • Main Stage with international keynote speakers
  • Breakaway rooms for presentation of papers
  • Networking and social lounges where delegates can meet and interact
  • Exhibition space where delegates can interact with sponsors and industry players

The Congress will also meet CPD requirements for attendance at the online forum.
The congress will be CPD accredited. The proceedings will be fully peer-reviewed, will have an ISSN and will conform to all DOHET requirements for accreditation.
Register and submit your 200-word abstract at 
SACEC 2021 aims to bring engineers and scientists from around the world together in the hopes of creating real-world solutions to global issues.
SAIChE is a professional society in South Africa dedicated to advancing the science and the practice of chemical engineering. Our aim is to promote high standards in the profession by enhancing the professional competence of its members.
The 21st century is likely to be the most profound for humankind. As we hurtle forward, there are clear signs that never before have we had so much impact on our planet.
As engineers and scientists our contribution to that impact is more profound than average. Our theme for this congress, Entering the Anthropocene, provides a forum to consider the possibilities of this century.
How will we utilise our skills in the Anthropocene period, to continue to improve the lives of all, whilst being cognisant of and reducing our impact?
Abstracts are invited to be submitted online under one of the below categories:
+ Environmental Process Engineering
+ Metallurgical Process Engineering & Coal Technology
+ Reaction Engineering
+ Separation Technologies
+ Chemical Engineering Education
+ Process & Material Synthesis
+ Fluorine Chemistry
SACEC organising committee.