HIG: New hydrogen storage material steps on the gas

by Anne M Stark,   

"Hydrogen is increasingly viewed as essential to a sustainable world energy economy because it can store surplus renewable power, decarbonize transportation and serve as a zero-emission energy carrier. However, conventional high-pressure or cryogenic storage pose significant technical and engineering challenges.

To overcome these challenges, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and Sandia National Laboratories researchers have turned to  because they provide exceptional energy densities and can reversibly release and uptake  under relatively mild conditions. The research appears as a hot paper and back cover in the journal Angewandte Chemie..."

Basic Chemical Engineering for Operators in the Chemical Engineering Industry

SHORT COURSE - Online by Nelson Mandela University (using MS Teams)
15 - 19 November 2021

For individuals interested in learning about Chemical Engineering for professional or personal knowledge.
To get an overview of chemical engineering and as an operator be able to understand the various processes and operations you may encounter.
CPD Accredited - 5 credits.  No. SAIChE-385

All you need is a PC with access to internet connection.

To Registerhttp://slp.mandela.ac.za Click on 'Science'

Course will cover:
Understand the principles behind the operations routinely carried out in industry
Evaluate the effects of changes in operating parameters of a process on the performance of the process.
A background to chemical engineering and mathematics
The Manufacturing process including sampling techniques.
Operation of stationary and rotational equipment.
Mass and Energy Balance
Reaction Kinetics, Heat exchangers and Filtration
Fluid Flow and Crystalization

For more information and bookings contact Ms Patience Nyabasa
+27 41 504 3281
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MechChem Magazine Online

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Chemical and Mechanical Engineering articles.


Factory in New Castle looking for Mandarin speaking Chemical engineer

Advaisor (PTY) LTD have a client looking for Chemical engineers for the below two positions. Its a South Africa Branch with mostly Chinese people as management, Therefore the candidate has to to speak Mandarin.

 For more information please contact Mr. Shuai Wang 
Tel: +27 61 425 4200 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.nal

  Equipment management manager job description - Salary range, R 58'000 -  R 80'000 after tax



Academic requirements

Bachelor degree and above

Professional requirements

Chemical engineering, chemical machinery, automation control related majors

Working Experience

Have been engaged in engineering project design and equipment management for more than 4 years in a chemical enterprise, or have worked in relevant engineering design units for more than 4 years.

Knowledge and work


Engineering project design, equipment selection, CAD drawing, etc. Familiar with common office software, standard Mandarin, smooth oral English communication, and able to read certain professional English materials.


Organize equipment selection, design, installation, commissioning and acceptance of new projects and technological transformation projects; 
Participate in the process design of new projects and technological transformation projects
Responsible for the installation and commissioning of the process pipeline of the project
Responsible for the company's equipment maintenance and equipment management technical support
Organize the collection of documents in the hands of department managers, collect the materials, organize and archive them
Responsible for the receipt, transfer, custody, utilization, destruction of archives, etc. at any time, registering with forms and records, making statistics, and timely file borrowing, etc.
Responsible for the compilation of archives, data collection, cataloging, indexing, etc.
Assist the part-time department with internal affairs
Other tasks assigned by the leader


  Instrument Manager Job Description - Salary range, R 58'000 -  R 80'000 after tax



Academic requirements

College degree and above

Professional requirements

Chemical instrument automation related majors

Working Experience

Have more than 5 years (inclusive) experience in instrument maintenance/management in chemical companies

Knowledge and
work Skill

Outstanding execution ability, emergency response ability, strong coordination and communication skills, outstanding instrument fault judgment and maintenance skills, and smooth oral English communication.


Responsible for the daily production arrangement of the instrument professional in the South Africa base, and timely organize personnel to repair unexpected accidents to ensure safe production.
Responsible for organizing and completing the technical renovation project of the South Africa base and instrument installation, commissioning, acceptance, and operation.
Responsible for organizing and supervising the maintenance of on-site instruments, automatic control instruments and measuring instruments in the South Africa base to ensure normal operation.
Responsible for the selection, purchase, and quality control of the instrument arrival inspection in the South Africa base.
Responsible for the arrangement and scheduling of daily operation supervision and maintenance work of instruments in South Africa base to ensure the normal operation of production.
Responsible for formulating various regulations related to this post and regularly organizing training and summarizing to ensure the full implementation of various regulations and systems.
Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.