SAICHE-349: Lieberman Process Troubleshooting Seminar/Course

Provider: RESOLVE

Credits: 5

Valid from: 12/02/2017 - 12/02/2020 

Hours: 50

Type: Seminar

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About Course:

This popular PROCESS TROUBLESHOOTING SEMINAR is conducted by the internationally acknowledged expert in his trade and author of several world renowned books. The presentation is interactive and would benefit all working in the process engineering field from novice engineers to the most experienced. The full spectrum of troubleshooting methodology, practical approach as well as process fundamentals are addressed in a challenging, stimulating and enthusiastic manner. It is eye opening, challenging and inspiring!


Distillation: Review of Fundamentals, Tray Hydraulics, Identifying Flooded Towers, Tray Deck Plugging – Downcomer Back-up, Damaged Trays, Effects of Excessive Preheat, Control Problems, Incipient Flooding, Expanding Tower Capacity, Crude Column Fractionation, Optimizing Pumparounds, Side stream stripping Problems, Tower Pressure Drop Surveys, Tower External Temperature Surveys, Tower Bottoms Steam Stripping, Packed Tower Design and Operation, FCCU Fractionator Problems.

Reboiling and Condensing: Thermosyphon Reboilers, How Reboiler Problems Cause Tower Flooding, Kettle and Forced Circulation Problems, Fouling in Shell and Tube Exchangers, Effect of Sub-cooling on Condenser Efficiency, Pressure Control in Light Ends Columns, Air Fin-Fan Coolers, Vacuum System Inter-Stage Condensers.

Fired Heaters: Proper Use of Excess Air, Heat Balancing Convective and Radiant Sections, Draft Control, Afterburn – Causes and Cures, Air Preheaters, Preventing SO3 Condensing, On-Stream Cleaning Techniques, Coke Formation Inside Tubes, Debottlenecking Heaters.

Pumps, Turbines and Steam Jets: Operation of Centrifugal Pumps, Mechanical Seals and Bearings, Optimum Impeller Size, Sizing Motor Drives, Troubleshooting NPSH, Steam Turbines 0 Use of Hand Valves, Surface Condensers, Vacuum Pumps, Converging – Diverging Jets, Optimising Steam Jet Performance, Pumping Viscous Fluids.

Compressors: Centrifugal Compressor Fundamentals, Relationship of Polytropic Head to Surge, Rotor Fouling, Measuring Compressor Efficiency, Reciprocating Compressor Fundamentals, Volumetric Compression Efficiency, HeadEnd Unloaders.