SAICHE-379: Process Safety SLP

Provider: Nelson Mandela University


Valid from:2021/12/14 - 2024/12/14 

Type: Course

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SLP (Short Learning Program) on Process Safety Manual

Learning outcomes
 Understand what process safety is and the human, environmental and business consequences of poor process safety;
 Have a broad understanding of process safety hazards and risk;
 Have applied a simple model for analysing process safety incidents;
 Learn how process safety management is organised and what are the elements of a modern process safety management system are;
 Understand your role in promoting process safety.
 Understand the consequences of poor process safety management
 Understand the key process safety requirements, at each stage in the life cycle of a process plant from conceptual design through to operation, maintenance modification and closure.

Course Description:
Recent and historical incidents have highlighted the importance of having a clear understanding of the principles of process safety management throughout an organisation. This course, developed for those who are not in a process safety line management position but whose activities influence the process safety performance of their organisation.

This course will provide a broad understanding of the tools and problem-solving techniques used in process safety.
The course will cover different hazards found in a chemical industry, safe work permits, consequences of toxic vapours, fires and explosions the SHE considerations regarding these consequences, process design and operations, asset integrity, legal aspects, management of change and safety cultures.

The course includes in-class discussions and solutions to help participants apply what they have learned.

Who Will Benefit:
 Anyone involved in a role which does not have direct line responsibility for process safety
 Anyone who would like to develop a broad understanding of process safety.


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