SAICHE-368: Design of Process Systems

Provider: Engineers for Africa (John Broli)

Credits: 2

Valid from: 01/09/2020 - 31/08/2023 

Hours: 20

Type: Course

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About the course:

A new information rich course to enable those involved in plant operations, general design, and projects to analyse, design and select equipment appropriate for a total systems approach and a range of liquid-liquid or solid-solid processes or other blends. 

This course first shows how the best approach is treating process design as a total system of process equipment, pumps, pipes and storage or process vessels. These components (the equipment) are considered as sub-systems of the total system being analysed.
Special mills, reactors, agitators, filters and other equipment such as pipes and pumps are then addressed and reviewed, covering liquid-liquid services, powder services and other services. 

There are also some sub-courses that are always added such as motor drive systems (including VSDs), platform design and corrosion as materials selection parameters - to broaden the course and provide the full sub-systems design considerations.

The equipment designs and thus selection is analysed through the E4A advanced systems, scoping, information and risk analytical methods. Important variables critical to equipment designs are also thoroughly evaluated. The final scope is prepared with control checklists and the appropriate and available design bases are discussed and selected. Interesting and unusual case studies are also presented.


The lead objective is to develop skills of approaching process systems as a total design system. 
E4A focuses on key approaches to the total process design, points of critical importance and prior recorded failures, and thus serves to make the attendees aware of the wider but important considerations of equipment types and design of complete process systems.
Economic benefits are achieved by optimization of the total design of each process system

VENUE: All of SADC, as the Course is digital and on-line. Live-course and run at office or at home workshops provides the ideal mix of course contents.