SAICHE-343: Knowledge Management, Technical Communication & Report Writing

Provider: Engineers for Africa (John Broli)

Credits: 2

Valid from: 10/01/2018 - 10/01/2021 

Hours: 20

Type: Course

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About the Course:

E4A addresses knowledge management with respect to current rapid change, complexity and the importance of scopes of research and knowledge study. These topics are introduced as a lead-in to the additional topics of communication and report writing. We address approaches to communication and technical report writing with an overview to important fundamentals such as audience analysis, needs statements, target markets, bias and vested interests, impacts on communication and matters such as attention markers or lead-in to many communication and other report writing requirements. The course then presents analytical tools (system analyses, scope analyses, information analyses) to use in the importance of thorough background analysis for good professional technical reports. There is also analysis of how information can be better presented and the hazards of poor presentation especially in graphical and spread-sheet analyses.
Important guidelines, rules and good practices for each of the communication and report modes are then presented and discussed.

Attendees will develop knowledge management techniques to ensure manufacturing plants and processes are documented and recorded for information retrieval.
The methodologies presented also enhance presentations, reports and communication skills. A number of case studies are reviewed.
The abovementioned techniques are introduced to the attendees for a sound and thorough analysis of communication and reporting needs. These skills and techniques are presented as key tools for better communication and reporting analysis. These skills are also supported with examples, charts and supporting guidelines.   

VENUE: All of SADC, as the Course is digital and on-line. Live-course and run at office or at home workshops provides the ideal mix of course contents.