SAICHE-344: Vessels, Tanks and Piping Design

Provider: Engineers for Africa (John Broli)

Credits: 2

Valid from: 10/01/2018 - 10/01/2021 

Hours: 20

Type: Course

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About the Course:

The popular, unique and information packed course to enable those involved in design, projects and plant operations to analyse and design a range of process vessels, tanks and pipes in greater detail – thus achieving more cost-efficient and effective complete engineering designs aligned with each process requirement.
The vessel function and main design requirements are analysed through advanced systems, scoping, information and risk analytical methods. The final scope is prepared with control checklists and the appropriate design standards are discussed and selected. Interesting and unusual case studies are also presented.
A range of competencies are enhanced including use of engineering and contextual judgement, developing knowledge-based engineering problem-solving, as well as managing the impacts, benefits and consequences of advanced engineering practices. 


  • Evaluate the range of process vessels that arise in industry and the main design requirements.
  • Evaluate the range of parameters and effects to consider in total process vessel design.
  • Consider the four analytical methods for systems, scope, information and risk assessments of the full process design.
  • Consider the materials available for modern process vessel design and the critical design requirements for each material.
  • Define the design intent and full design scope for final vessel specification, drawings preparation and procurement. 

VENUE: All of SADC, as the Course is digital and on-line. Live-course and run at office or at home workshops provides the ideal mix of course contents.