SAICHE-345: Materials in Design: Process, Properties & Performance

Provider: Engineers for Africa (John Broli)

Credits: 2

Valid from: 10/01/2018 - 10/01/2021 

Hours: 20

Type: Course

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About the Course:

A unique and information packed course to enable those involved in plant operations, general design, and projects to analyse, design and select materials – thus achieving more cost-efficient and effective complete engineering designs aligned with each process or application requirement.
The material design and thus selection is analysed through advanced systems, scoping, information and risk analytical methods. The final scope is prepared with control checklists and the appropriate and available design standards are discussed and selected. Interesting and unusual case studies are also presented.
A range of competencies are enhanced including use of engineering and contextual judgement, developing knowledge-based engineering problem-solving, as well as managing the impacts, benefits and consequences of advanced engineering practices.

The lead objective is to study each of the main materials types used in a range of industries and applications which will provide attendees with a sound assessment basis for materials design in industrial applications and will limit or eliminate post installation failures and misapplications.
E4A focuses on key approaches to materials in design, points of critical importance and prior recorded failures, and thus serves to make the attendees aware of the wider but important considerations of materials and available standards addressed.
The use of industry standards and ratings of institutes (such as API for rating of pipes) – both metal and plastic and the service conditions to which the nominal coding applies - are a special sub-section addressed.

VENUE: All of SADC, as the Course is digital and on-line. Live-course and run at office or at home workshops provides the ideal mix of course contents.