SAICHE-348: Process Design Practices for design, operational and troubleshooting.

Provider: RESOLVE

Credits: 5

Valid from: 01/11/2018 - 01/11/2021 

Hours: 50

Type: Course

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About Course:

This course not only illuminates the fundamentals and practical tricks-of-the-trade of process equipment design, it puts it within the context of real operational environments – unlocking the ability of troubleshooting and problem solving from a fundamental understanding of how equipment works. The course material collates a lifetime of comprehensive process equipment knowledge and information focused at the design of new equipment as well as the optimisation, troubleshooting and problem solving of equipment in operation.​
The course covers the practical design practices for the following process equipment: General Design Conditions, Plant and equipment simulation, Hydraulics, Piping, Flow Orifices, Control Valves, Vessels, Towers, Pumps, Compressors, steam ejectors, Heat Exchangers, Fired Heaters, Relief Valves and Metallurgy
Attendees would also gain an understanding of the role of Process Engineers, emphasising calculation methods and techniques to troubleshoot and design process equipment. “What set engineers apart from operators and managers is our ability to do calculations. If all you do is analyse process trends and talk in meetings, then you add no value. Make time to do calculations, check them, verify them against plant data and then believe them.”

Cilliers Kruger has a life time experience in process engineering ranging from operational support and troubleshooting, through process design, construction and manufacturing to commissioning and full production again.