SAICHE-350: Amine Treatment Technology Course

Provider: RESOLVE

Credits: 2.5

Valid from: 28/05/2018 - 28/05/2021 

Hours: 25

Type: Course

More info:

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Event Date: Contact service provider if not on SAIChE website.

About Course:

The training courses from Sulphur Experts and Amine Experts are internationally renowned for the value addition to the full spectrum of positions related to amine treating, sour water stripping and sulphur recovery processes. The courses are used extensively by operating, research, design and construction companies at all levels. A condensed version of both courses, each normally lasting a full week, are offered in South Africa. The course will provide detailed operational knowledge in combination with training on the fundamentals of all aspects on sulphur recovery, amine treating and on sour water stripping. The training is highly interactive and allows for discussion with presenters and other attendees. The course will be of immediate benefit to Plant Engineers, Operational supervisors, Operators and environmental practitioners. The presenters are highly experienced specialists that have performed troubleshooting and optimisation on a diverse range of refineries and gas processing facilities across the world.