SAICHE-352: Layer of Protection Analysis & Safety Integrity Evaluation

Provider: ISHECON cc

Credits: 2

Valid from: 15/08/2019 - 15/08/2022 

Hours: 20

Type: Course

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About the Course:

To enable those involved in projects and plant or installation modifications to contribute meaningfully in a Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) study session. This will ensure that the design and operation meet all safety, health and environmental requirements based on the layers of protection and the appropriate specification of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) . Further appropriate post-course experience should enable mastering the skills to take on a LOPA SIL Facilitator role.

 Explain the scope, procedures and limitations that are applicable to a LOPA and SIL evaluation
 Understand Initiating Events, Hazards, Independent Layers of Protection (IPL), Enablers, Modifiers, Safeguard and Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF)
 Use information from Hazop Studies to carry out a LOPA and determine the SIL for SIS via basic methods, risk graphs and matrixes
 Assess the adequacy of SIS’s against tolerance criteria
 Knowledge of failure data and logic diagrams
 Recording of LOPA and SIL evaluations
 Gain insight of SIS hardware configurations, redundancy, diagnostics, proof testing, and spurious trips
 Alarm prioritization concepts

• Process/Plant/Project/engineers
• Instrument and control engineers and technicians.
• Safety/Loss Prevention/Risk managers, practitioners