SAICHE-358: Cycad Process Training course

Provider: CM-Solutoins (Pty) Ltd

Credits: 3

Valid from: 23/04/2019 - 23/04/2022 

Hours: 30

Type: Course

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Event Date: Contact service provider if not on SAIChE website.

About the Course:

Cycad Process is designed to save engineers time in:
 Determining the Mass and Energy Balance
 Drawing the Process Flow Diagram
 Detailing the Design Criteria
 Detailing the major Equipment List
The program is structured so that the design engineer can easily draw the flowsheet, enter the required data, and compare results with those obtained previously.
The task of checking between different revisions of the mass balance consumes a large amount of time and effort, thus Cycad has automated this task to save you time and money with a straightforward "Compare Cases" function.
An important part of engineering work is preparing documentation. With this in mind, Cycad Process produces four standard reports for the user.
You will be taken on a quick tour of Cycad Process, and after that on to tutorials designed to get the user

up to speed.