SAICHE-340: HAZOP Leadership & Management

Provider: SHExcellence cc

Credits: 3

Valid from: 12/03/2018 - 12/03/2021 

Hours: 30

Type: Course

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About the Course:

Rod is a Chartered Chemical Engineer and Professional Process Safety Engineer with over 40 year’s experience in the process industries, including production, commissioning and health and safety roles. Rod is recognized as an expert in this field, having led hundreds of HAZOP studies not only in South Africa but the rest of Africa as well as the Far and Middle East.

This course will cover:
The exploration of best practices in HAZOP leadership and management. You will learn about the application of techniques and how to both plan and manage study programmes more effectively.
Included is the leadership of study teams, to obtain the maximum effectiveness for successful project execution. Case studies will give you the opportunity to undertake a range of project team roles and guide a team through the HAZOP process.

This course covers leadership responsibilities; planning a HAZOP programme, node identification and time estimation; preparation of the event; recording style, skills and development of recommendations;
HAZOP meeting facilitation; team dynamics; leadership through the study and the development of the final report and action management.

You will gain the following understanding from attending this course:
• Preparation of a HAZOP study meeting and programme – including defining the scope of the study and choosing the team
• Choosing nodes (parts of the drawing or operation for HAZOP study)
• Estimating the programme requirements for the successful completion of a study
• Facilitation techniques to motivate the team and keep them on task
• Avoiding common problems encountered during study meetings, including challenging behaviours
• Formulation of a HAZOP study report
• Team leadership role in the implementation of recommendations and the management of the process.